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Rallying to the cause

The driver from the Darlington joined Anthony Dunn, Go Motorsport’s Regional Development Officer in the North East, to give a presentation to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) pupils.

The event aimed at encouraging an interest in motorsport included a talk by 13-year-old go-karter Ben Mills, who told fellow students of his own dreams to pursue racing a career.

Ben races regularly at Karting North East, Warden Law, near Sunderland – a venue run by Wilks.

“The reason for the school visit was completely born from Ben's desire, determination and passion for motor sport,” admitted Wilks. “It was so completely refreshing to see such enthusiasm for a sport in which they all had an interest but perhaps didn't fully appreciate what goes on behind the scenes.

“It was interesting to see their facial expressions when learning about something as exciting as rallying or Formula 1. I’m sure it increased their interest in physics and maths. It also helped Ben with his public speaking skills – he surprised all his peers at school with an accomplished presentation.”

Like Go Motorsport’s other nationwide network of RDOs, Dunn carries out numerous school visits in his region and brings with him a host of materials including some high-tech F1 components kindly loaned by the Williams team. “The students were really interested in the presentations,” confirmed Dunn. “The students always like to see and touch genuine Formula One parts, including a lightweight carbonfibre wishbone and an complex exhaust manifold.”

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Rallying to the cause
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