Motorsport UK

Showtime at Silverstone

Two of the UK’s leading motor sport shows have moved to an exciting new venue at Silverstone.

And both shows – Motorsport UK and KartMania – will be promoting the MSA’s award winning Go Motorsport initiative.And both shows – Motorsport UK and KartMania – will be promoting the MSA’s award winning Go Motorsport initiative.

Now based at home of the Santander British Grand Prix on 3-4 November, the newly named Silverstone Motorsport UK will continue to promote all categories national motor sport but will now be expanded to include several notable new additions. There will be a chance for show goers to enjoy hot laps as a passenger on the Stowe Circuit, a kit car pavilion, a special kart challenge as well as an enlarged 5,000 sq ft exhibition area within the spectacular new Wing building.

KartMania takes place two weeks later (17-18 November) maximising many of the same state-of-the-art facilities. The show is already established as the country’s premier karting show and will continue to enjoy support from Karting Magazine.

Once again the move to Silverstone has allowed the organisers to expand the event, which will now feature live karting and a kartboot sale as well as the main exhibition.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Silverstone and there is no doubt that both Silverstone Motorsport UK 2012 and KartMania are going to be very special events; they will certainly be something for all of the family. In addition to the live elements, the large main hall will provide visitors with the chance to make contact and network with suppliers, organisers and key people from the industry who will share their experiences and quite simply break down the barriers in getting into and moving forward in motor sport.”

Richard Phillips, Managing Director of Silverstone Circuits Limited, is equally pleased with the arrival of these two events. “We are delighted to welcome Motorsport UK and KartMania to Silverstone,” he confirmed. “We have been extremely impressed with the two shows and we look forward to working with Martin, his team and partners in making these events a success and not-to-be-missed fixtures on the UK motor sport calendar.

Showtime at Silverstone
23 April 2012

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