Motorsport UK

Time Attack

Time Attack – sometimes known as Super Lap or Tuner Battles – originated in faraway Japan as the perfect proving ground for street tuned cars built by highly respected tuning companies.

The sport arrived in the UK a few years ago and gained Motorsport UK recognition in 2010. Rounds are held at selected race circuits all over the country with drivers competing to set the fastest overall lap time.

How does Time Attack work?

Drivers compete in several different classes to set the ultimate lap time for their category. Unlike other timed motor disciplines such as Sprint and Hill Climb, cars are given a flying start as they enter their timed laps and can keep trying to better their times.

Events consist of four sessions: Warm-Up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final. Warm Up allows you to familiarise yourself with the circuit, while Practice is for laying down some fast times to see where you are relative to the competition. Qualifying is the first session in which you must make your best times count, as it determines who goes through to the Final, where the event is won or lost.

How do I start?

Go to a Time Attack Series event and chat to some of the competitors about how best to get into this new and exciting form of motor sport.

Though some traditional car clubs may be able to point you in the right direction, Time Attack is relatively new to the UK and we’d advise you to go straight to the championship’s official website for more information.

Depending on which class you wish to enter you will need a Non-Race National B or a Race National B Competition Licence.

What kind of car do I need?

Despite its Japanese origins, Time Attack isn’t just restricted to highly tuned Mitsubishis and Subarus. In fact Time Attack is open to all marques and is not just for the high-end car tuners with bottomless budgets.

There are different classes, allowing competitors to choose a category that suits their own budget and ability. Which spec of car you need depends on which class you choose, with vehicles ranging from lightly tuned road cars to 900bhp monsters.

What equipment do I need?

Time Attack events now run to Motorsport UK rules, so you will need Motorsport UK compliant safety equipment such as a helmet and overalls.

Remember that it is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle and equipment comply with both the Motorsport UK's General Regulations (detailed in the Motorsport UK Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook) and the Supplementary Regulations (SRs) of the event or championship.

If you have any questions about vehicles or equipment you can speak to a member of the Motorsport UK Technical Department by calling 01753 765 000.