Motor Sports Association

Endurance Road Rally

Endurance Road Rallying is an exciting, friendly and low-cost form of Rallying. It combines off-road special tests (called selectifs) with a Road Rally route, making it the perfect next step up from 12-Car Rallies.

How does Endurance Road Rallying work?

Rallies are designed to test both the driver's car control and the navigator's ability to follow a set route and keep to a time schedule as accurately as possible.

Selectifs are always on private land. The surface could include forest tracks, airfield runways, farm tracks or military training areas. The crew must complete a prescribed route and carry out certain manoeuvres in the shortest possible time. These selectifs can be anything from just a few hundred yards to 20 miles long!

The Road Rally section usually takes place at night, mainly on public roads. It uses straightforward navigation where the object is to maintain the correct time schedule, while following the right route.

After a day of selectifs linked by non-competitive road sections, there is usually a dinner halt before the night section begins. The night section, often a mix of road rallying and selectifs, is likely to have finished by around 11pm, although some go on until 1 or 2am. In total, rallies are usually around 300 miles long.

How do I start?

First of all, check out, which has further information on the discipline, as well as championship regulations and contact details.

Both drivers and navigators need Non-Race National B Competition Licences and club membership (either through the championship or available at signing on for each event).

Some rallies have Clubman categories for which only the club memberships – not the Competition Licence – is required.

What kind of car do I need?

You’ll require a 1,400cc petrol (or 2,000cc diesel) road car fitted with a roll cage, sump guard and full harness seat belts. You will also need to show valid MOT and V5 certificates. To keep costs down, tyres must be chosen from a restricted MSA list of basic road tyres – the Endurance Road Rally Championship uses a control tyre from that list.

What equipment do I need?

No specialised clothing is required. Helmets may be worn on selectifs at the competitor’s discretion, although they must be removed before going on the public road and intercoms are not permitted.

Remember that it is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle and equipment comply with both the MSA's General Regulations (detailed in the MSA Competitors' and Officials' Yearbook) and the Supplementary Regulations (SRs) of the event or championship.

If you have any questions about vehicles or equipment you can speak to a member of the MSA Technical Department by calling 01753 765 000.