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Jay Brown



Jay Brown


What’s your day job?

I’m currently in the process of setting up my own company.


What or who inspired you to get into motor sport?

My love and passion for motor sport started with the BBC’s television coverage in the 1980s and the infamous Group B monsters. In fact even now if I hear Propaganda’s ‘Duel’ on the radio it brings back memories of William Willard in front of the notice board bringing the viewer up to date with the day’s activities on the ‘Lombard RAC’. In the early ‘90s I worked for the local BBC and convinced them to cover The Tour Of Cornwall Stage Rally. This assignment provided myself with the opportunity and contacts to launch a parallel career path of ‘Motor Sport Volunteer’. A season or two of marshalling on various stage rallies saw me getting ‘up close and personal’ with the machinery that I had previously only been able to admire from a distance.


How long have you been volunteering for?

Rewinding several decades, the seed of enthusiasm for motor sport was planted in my mindset by the spectacle of stage rallying back in the halcyon days of the 1980s. I progressed into marshalling and other volunteer roles around 30 years ago. I have enjoyed an interesting and varied journey through the sport, culminating in my present role
as Event Safety Officer and Chief Marshal on many events in the South West. In addition, I also play my part each year on the UK’s flagship event, Dayinsure Wales Rally GB. This year I was part of the Timing Delivery Crew.


What’s your brief volunteering CV?

Having now taken on the role of Chief Marshal within the committee of Plymouth Motor Club, I knew my heart lay heavily in Stage Rallying. That said I apply my enthusiasm and professionalism equally to all events and disciplines that I get involved in. Working on both Plymouth Motor Club’s and neighbouring clubs’ events I quickly progressed through the roles of ‘Assistant Chief Marshal’ through to ‘Event Safety Officer’. Such opportunities have seen me expand my passion and experience on Stage Rallies to such a level that I am now well respected and often get called on for events further afield. I am also a licensed Motorsport UK Radio Operator and with my wide (and expanding) portfolio of skill sets my appearance can often be found in regular roles on events such as the Wyedean, Woodpecker, Brean and Somerset Stage Rallies - and of course WRGB.


What’s the best thing about being a motor sport volunteer?

For me it’s being involved with organising and running events and being part of the motor sport family. I’m always learning as well, it’s great to be able increase the skill set to help the team.


What piece of advice would you give to a new volunteer?

Firstly enjoy yourself, you will find out very quickly you are part of a friendly, helpful community. I use the word family because that is what it is. We all help and support each other.