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Gary Nicholls



Gary Nicholls


What’s your day job?

I’m an IT and Quality Assurance Manager for a printing company in Chelmsford, Essex.


What motor club do you belong to?

Chelmsford Motor Club (CMC).


What role(s) do you volunteer in?

I have many varied roles, including: Secretary of the Meeting, Clerk of the Course, Timekeeper and Route Liaison Officer.


How long have you been volunteering for?

I’ve been volunteering since 1977 when I started marshalling with Chelmsford MC. I began organising stage rallies in 1981 and joined the Motorsport UK Rallies Committee in 1982. I stayed on the committee for six years and began organising Sprints in 1987. I’m currently a Roulte Liason Officer for Suffolk, Chairman of the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs and Results Manager on Wales Rally GB. I spent much of the 1990s organising rallies and sprints and worked as Print Room Manager on the Network Q RAC Rally. Years later I became a licensed as a speed and rally timekeeper and have most recently completed Motorsport UK’s rally safety car training.


What or who inspired you to get into motor sport? 

I moved to Chelmsford in 1987 and was invited to marshal on a stage rally by a neighbour who was a member of Chelmsford MC. From then on I was hooked and never looked back, regularly out marshalling on all the club events. I then began spectating on some of the bigger rallies in the country which made me want to get more involved.


What’s the best thing about being a motorsport volunteer?

Volunteering in motorsport gives you a great sense of achievement, you get to help people of all ages get started and compete in the sport they love.


What piece of advice would you give to a new volunteer?

Don’t spend your time just doing one thing in motorsport, there are so many different roles and you should try them all and find the ones you are most suited for.