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Christopher and Anthony Newton

Lives: East Sussex

DOB: 1988 (twins!)

Occupations: Calibration engineer and Plumbing & Heating engineer.

Currently competing in: single venue events across the south including some selective rounds of the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship.

Career highlights: Winning ACSMC class A championship in 2010, 2nd Overall on the Wethersfield Stages (National B event) in a 1400 Vauxhall Nova.


What got you interested in motor sport in the first place?

Our father competed on stage rallies before we were born, but unfortunately with work commitments couldn’t find the time or money to compete. His desire was to give both of us the opportunity he never had.

Where/how did you get started?

We firstly started driving on a friend's farm from the age of 12, this moved onto autotests at the age of 14 with our local motor club. Around this time our father sold a rally car to a motor sport company, where we volunteered as service crew on national B stage rally events to gain experience. Once we were involved, we had the rallying ‘bug’ and competed on our first stage rally shortly after our 17th birthday.

What car do you use now and how much does an event cost you?

We have a Vauxhall Nova 1400 16v, which we have owned  for 15 years. It started as a fairly standard clubman rally car and has been developed as money and time allowed. It has now become a top 1400 class competitor. Typically a rally will cost us around £1000 per event, if you take into account entry fee, fuel, tyres and rebuild costs.

What tips would you pass onto someone who wants to start competing?

Find your local motor club and go along on one of their club nights or events. Marshalling is the best way to get close to the action and see what is involved. Everyone is really friendly and shares the same interest.

Why would you recommend taking up motor sport?

Motor sport gives the perfect distraction from every day work life.  The public roads are very busy, so to have a safe, controlled environment to take your car to its limits is ideal. Rallying is an expensive hobby, but there are plenty of other motorsport disciplines, from Autotests, Car Trials and Targa Rallies to meet most peoples' budgets.