Motor Sports Association



David Stoke

Lives: Dursley, Gloucestershire

DOB: 1947

Occupation: Baker

Currently competing in: MSA British Historic Rally Championship

Career highlights: Current MSA British Historic Rally Champion

What got you interested in motor sport in the first place?

My grandparents lived near Goodwood. We’d visit them on bank holiday weekends and on the Monday my dad would take me Goodwood to watch the racing. He also did very minor open road rallies with the local motor club and I was allowed to sit in the back as a very happy 12 year old!

Where/how did you get started?

My first event as a competitor I was 21. I’d kept following motor sport but got married in June 1968. Our honeymoon was in the Lake District and Scotland and while were there we went and watched the Scottish Rally. Roger Clark in a MkI Escort won it and that inspired me to do something about motor sport. So I went out and bought a Ford Anglia for £320 and entered the Taunton Rally.

What tips would you pass onto someone who wants to start competing?

Join your local motor club, but check that it is active GO FIND CLUB. They organise all sorts of events from sprints to autotests and there’s often a weekly meeting in the pub for people sharing the same interest. Get involved with what they are doing, whether it’s laying out cones or being a marshal or competing. It just gives you a great grounding as to what goes into making an event happen and its great fun.

Are you a member of a motor club and how long for?

I’ve been a member of various motor clubs in Cirencester and Dursley for many years but, more recently, the Historic Rally Car Register (HRCR).

Why would you recommend taking up motor sport?

If you’re a ‘petrol head’ or just got an interest in cars in general, being part of properly run motor sport events means you become involved with cars in the proper way. If you end up competing, then the buzz is second to none.