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Callum Bradshaw

DOB: 12/05/2001

Lives: Leicester, England

Currently competing in: CIK FIA European Championship 

Career highlights: European Open Winner 2016, Kartmasters GP winner 2016, CIK FIA Karting Academy Champion 2016, Margutti Trophy OK Winner 2017, Junior X30 Vice World Champion 2015 & 2016


What got you interested in motor sport?

My Dad has always been involved in motor sport, so i grew up in the motor sport paddock and this made me want to start karting.

Where/how did you get started?

I started quite late aged 11 at Sutton Circuit which is a local corporate kart track near me, I competed in the corporate championship for 2 years and won the championship in my second year, everyone then said i should start competing competitive at my local track Whilton Mill. I soon got the bug and was hooked, I am now competing on the biggest stage for karting. It goes to show that you don’t have to start early in the sport to make a success out of it.


What tips would you pass on to somebody who wants to start competing?

If you want to get into karting competitively then I suggest you get as much quality seat time as possible focusing on your development. A team and qualified coaches will be able to support you and give you the best advice which will improve your performance each race. The most important thing is that you always enjoy it though! There is plenty of opportunity for that.

Are you a member of a kart / motor club? 

I am currently a member at TVKC club and have also been a member at WMKC and FEKC. Kart clubs are a great way to get involved and get support both on and off the track.

Why would you recommend taking up motor sport?

Being involved in motor sport is so exciting and I love the buzz everytime I get in the Kart. I've met some fantastic people & made many friendships over the past few years, everyone in the paddock knows one another. The adrenaline and fear you get from it is like no other feeling and is why I want to continue it as a career, it can also lead to other paths within the sport. No matter what, it is always great fun and I would encourage as many people to get involved as possible.