Motorsport UK


The good news for anybody wanting to get behind the wheel in competitive motor sport is that there are many different disciplines to choose from, covering a wide range of skillsets, car types, environments and levels of expense.

To get started in some club-level events such as Autotests, AutoSOLOs and Navigational Rallies all you need is a road car and membership of a Motorsport UK registered motor club. Find out about the different types of motor sport by clicking here.

Probably the three most well-known forms of motor sport are Racing, Rallying and Karting. In order to take part in any of these you will need to take three steps:

  1. Buy a Motorsport UK Starter Pack
  2. Take a test
  3. Take out a Competition Licence

Of course, you will also need a car or kart and the appropriate equipment such as helmet and overalls. Both the vehicle and equipment must comply with both the Motorsport UK’s General Regulations – found in the Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook, which comes with your Starter Pack – and the Supplementary Regulations of the event, series or championship you wish to compete in.

There are other disciplines that don’t require you to buy a Starter Pack or take a test but which still require you to take out a Competition Licence. These are explored in depth in the Types of Motorsport section.