Motor Sports Association


The good news for anybody wanting to get behind the wheel in competitive motor sport is that there are many different disciplines to choose from, covering a wide range of skillsets, car types, environments and levels of expense.

To get started in some club-level events such as Road Rallies, Production Car Autotests and AutoSOLOs , all you need is a road car and membership of an MSA-registered motor club.

Even simpler than that is arrive-and-drive karting, which is as the name suggests: you simply arrive at a venue and pay to get behind the wheel of a kart, which is provided for you along with the necessary equipment such as helmet and overalls.

Similarly, many race venues run tracks days, which entail paying to drive your road car onto the circuit for some non-competitive fast laps. More information is available from the Association of Track Day Organisers at

Probably the three most well-known forms of motor sport are Racing, Rallying and Karting. In order to take part in any of these you will need to take three steps:

  1. Buy an MSA Starter Pack
  2. Take a test
  3. Take out a Competition Licence

Of course, you will also need a car or kart and the appropriate equipment such as helmet and overalls. Both the vehicle and equipment must comply with both the MSA’s General Regulations – found in the Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook, which comes with your Starter Pack – and the Supplementary Regulations of the event, series or championship you wish to compete in.

There are other disciplines that don’t require you to buy a Starter Pack or take a test but which still require you to take out a Competition Licence. These are explored in depth in the Types of Motorsport section.