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Mat Jackson


Mat Jackson

Lives: Henley in Arden, Warwickshire

DOB: 1981

Occupation: Part-time car salesman

Currently competing in: Front-runner/race-winner, HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship

Career highlights: 2006 SEAT Cupra Champion; 2005 SEAT Cupra runner-up; 2001 race-winner, Renault Clio Cup; 1999 runner-up, Formula Jedi; 1996-97 front-runner, British JICA karts

What got you interested in motor sport in the first place?

My dad raced a bit in Formula Fords and I went along with him. My brother did karts and the first time I saw him was at Buckmore Park – I was really scared and said I’d never do anything like that. I was about 12.

Where/how did you get started?

With an old kart! I tested a lot at Shenington and took up club championships. The whole season was done on about £5K competitively and we did a lot of events.

What tips would you pass onto someone who wants to start competing?

Start in karting. It’s a good grounding and teaches you race craft. Most importantly, though, do it for fun. Don’t go in with a big career plan mapped out. Be realistic in your goals.

Why would you recommend taking up motor sport?

It's character-building and teaches you how to apply yourself in other areas of life. It’s also great for young kids – it certainly brought me out of my shell – and teaches you how to be confident in your own actions.